A Complete Marketing Solution for Startups

A Complete Marketing Solution for Startups

Expert strategy through Go-To-Market execution across channels without blowing budgets

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Marketing Strategy

BOFUlab is your one-stop-shop for all things marketing, all while keeping it in budget.

With our fractional pricing, we can plan and execute an entire go-to-market strategy  for less than hiring a CMO. We cover all of your marketing needs for a fraction of the cost of a marketing team.

See how we can supercharge your marketing by developing the right marketing strategy AND implementing it.

...and Implementation

You don't want to hire an expensive expert at marketing strategy who is unable to help you execute on a plan.

You also don't want to hire a bunch of junior or channel-specific marketers without someone to manage and oversee execution and strategy.

Providing a complete marketing strategy, we can help you with Go-to-market planning and execution that align with your goals and expectations and actually implement it. 


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Paid Search

Experts at paid search campaign strategy, setup, and optimization in both Google and Bing, BOFU lab customizes to your goals.

Search Engine Optimization

We know SEO, from technical site improvements to content and SERP strategy, we grow relevant organic traffic.

Marketing Automation

Automating marketing activities based on user interactions, campaigns, segmentation and more across platforms like Marketo, Salesforce Marketing Cloud, and Hubspot.

Website Optimization

We can optimize your web properties and landing pages for conversions, overall user experience, customer journeys, custom segments, SEO, and more.

Email Marketing

Nurture your prospective customers and remarket to existing customers with one of the most effective marketing channels.

SMS & Text Marketing

Capitalize on one of the newest and fastest growing marketing channels on mobile with the highest engagement.

Retargeting & Display Ads

Garnish brand awareness and build interest through targeted display campaigns for both prospecting audiences and known users.

Programatic Advertising

BOFU lab works with several different platforms and publishes to optimize your audience reach and effectiveness.

Marketing Operations

We can align your marketing campaigns, interactions, automations, routing, and reporting in a cohesive manner through an existing or new tech stack.

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    Gravit Designer

    Go-to-market Strategy - Case Study

    Looking to generate revenue from a freemium web-based vector design app, we developed a comprehensive GTM strategy to support this largely PLG (product-led) self serve eCommerce-driven offering using SEO, Paid Search, and Marketing Automation to develop a user base of over 2.5 million.


    Increase in Organic Traffic


    Reduction in Cost per Acquisition

    3% to 9%

    Free-to-paid Ratio Improvement

    Certifications and Expertise

    Salesforce CertifiedHubspot CertifiedGoogle Ads CertifiedBing Ads CertifiedLinkedin Ads and Marketing Solutions CertifiedGoogle Analytics Certified