B2B Marketing Case Studies

Paid and Organic ways to drive conversions and fill pipeline

Workday Performance Marketing Results

Paid Media Strategy - Case Study

Working with the client's need for a robust pipeline, we developed a paid strategy building the top of the funnel while still focusing on conversions from the consideration and decision stages. This balanced approach more efficiently developed earlier stage leads into SQLs and lowered the overall Customer Acquisition Cost through a more efficient funnel flow.


Cost Efficiency Improvement


SQL Cost Reduction


Lift in Funnel Volume

LoopNet Case Study

Paid Search Ad Optimization - Case Study

When improving ads in paid search, our approach is to optimize the search relevancy, experience, and deliver on expectations as opposed to just driving 'clickbait' traffic. Our approach, while novel at the time has since been adopted across the industry.


Improvement in Ad Click Thru Rate (CTR)


Increase in Time On Site


Increase in On-site Property Searches

Gravit Designer

Go-to-market Strategy - Case Study

Looking to generate revenue from a freemium web-based vector design app, we developed a comprehensive GTM strategy to support this largely PLG (product-led) self serve eCommerce-driven offering using SEO, Paid Search, and Marketing Automation to develop a user base of over 2.5 million.


Increase in Organic Traffic


Reduction in Cost per Acquisition

3% to 9%

Free-to-paid Ratio Improvement

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